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Hollywood Reporter Entertainment News This morning I had one of the most enjoyable phone calls I have ever had from a potential client. His question: How do I know your services are not a scam? My caller went on to explain that he had read many horror stories on the Internet from others who had been swindled by companies purporting to provide personal statement services. Those companies had provided either poor results or simply no results at all. For something this critical to his future, he wanted to talk to me personally to be reassured that we are different. In my ten years of assisting candidates with their personal statements for medical residency, and in my seven years of doing so as the editor in chief and owner of DLA Editors & Proofers, I have seen many scams and many clients nervous about hiring us as a result. Those purveying the scams know that the candidates who most often seek help with their personal statements for medical residency are from outside the United States. These candidates are less familiar with the process of applying for medical residency and as immigrants are less familiar generally with the way things work in the United States. They often feel a greater level of anxiety and even desperation about their applications, and there are people who, sadly, seek to take advantage of them as a result. My experience first started with friends of mine in medical school and continued with my wife, who is also an international medical graduate. My Personal View From the thousands of international medical graduates we have assisted in their applications for medical residency, I know firsthand how overwhelming having to write the personal statement can be. What I learned from them, as well as from the many clients we have assisted since, is that the personal and professional challenges international medical graduates have to overcome in applying for residency in the United States develop in them a strength of character and humility that is difficult to find elsewhere, and make them better residents and better doctors as a result. Many struggle with the uniquely American concept of the “personal statement.” Is it a letter? Scam #1: The Offer to Write Your Personal Statement for You The most common scam I have seen is the offer to write candidates’ medical residency personal statements for them. With the pressure of organizing all that is needed for their ERAS applications, in addition to the time constraints of working and often also family responsibilities, I know how enticing it is to think that someone else can write your personal statement for medical residency for you and relieve you of that burden. However, from what we have seen, and from the program directors, attendings, fellows and residents we’ve talked to, there is no decision you can take that can have a more negative effect on your application. Personal statements not written by the candidate are easy to spot and will cause for the candidate’s application to be automatically rejected. Even the most poorly developed but genuinely written personal statements will lead to a much greater chance of success than will the fanciest personal statement written by someone else. Scam #2: Fake Reviews Wisely, many applicants for medical residency seek to avoid potential personal statement scams by getting recommendations from others who have already gone through the process. But what if no one you know has gone through the process? One option is to join online forums where candidates like you share their experiences. One popular one is USMLE Forums, where you can find rankings of the best personal statement writing and editing services. When reading reviews, whether those posted in forums or those that service providers place on their own websites, it is important to remember that many, though not all, of the reviews you read are actually fake. The good news is that with just a little insight, fake reviews are easy to spot. First, ask yourself if the review goes into any detail. Or is it just a blanket statement like “I think so and so is the best” or “I think so and so is the worst”? Then look at all the reviews given for the same service provider. Can you recognize any that follow a similar pattern or style? If so, these reviews were likely written by companies or individuals paid to write reviews, and not by actual clients. Scam #3: Services Offered by “Doctors” Nothing is more important than ensuring the one you ask to help you with your personal statement has both the expertise and experience needed to guide you in achieving your most successful personal statement. This does not mean writing your personal statement for you. It also does not mean telling you to write something in your personal statement that is not actually your story. What it does mean is finding personal statement experts with a detailed knowledge of what it takes to write an outstanding personal statement on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the insight and talent to show you how to use your unique attributes and voice to draft your most successful medical residency personal statement. One popular trick I have seen is for medical residency personal statement service providers to claim their services are being provided by “doctors.” For example, “Dr. So and So will personally review your personal statement” or “Our staff includes Dr. So and So is really qualified to be a doctor, what time does he or she have to assist people with personal statements? So and So have specifically in the craft of personal narrative? Scam #4: Bottom-Barrel Pricing There is an old saying that whatever it is you are buying, “you will get what you pay for.” While this does not necessarily mean you need to go out and pay top dollar for something, it does certainly mean that if you pay little, most often you will get little in return. Let us say for example that you find a personal statement service offering to edit and critique your medical residency personal statement for only . After the company keeps its portion of the revenue for its operating expenses, how much is left for paying the “expert” to edit and critique your personal statement? How much “expertise” are you really getting for that amount? The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs.

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Bitcoins stolen after cryptocurrency site in our PDF, which is downloadable here: Western Law personal statement;2. on the OLSAS website, more specifically in the Western University section; and3. in the online OLSAS application itself, more specifically in the “Help” box on the page where applicants prepare their personal statement. Be meticulous about spelling, grammar, phrasing, and word choice. Explain anomalies in your academic work if applicable. Tell us what you think we want to hear when it’s not sincere. Applicants are asked to separate their narrative in to two distinct parts: Part A (5000 characters), which is a free-flowing section, where applicants can tell us what they want us to know (suggestions are provided); and Part B (2000 characters), where applicants are asked to respond to a fact scenario. Find the right balance between humility and self-confidence. Two separate text boxes are provided for this purpose in the OLSAS online application. DON’TRepeat what’s in your autobiographical sketch or resume. Access and Aboriginal applicants may submit an additional statement (in an additional Part C text box, maximum 1000 characters) for Access applicants to provide details of the disadvantage or barrier that may have affected academic performance or LSAT score(s), or for Aboriginal applicants to detail their Yes. Consider it your “interview on paper.”Provide examples to illustrate your statements. We offer the following “Dos” and “DON’Ts”: DOBe sincere. The security breach compromised NiceHash's digital wallet, believed to be holding millions of dollars worth of bitcoins.

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