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Therefore, to buy essays online here, the students will only need to consult with the experienced writers in our team and brief them about their specific requirements in accordance with the received guidelines from the college. “I would like to express my profound gratitude for the outstanding job done by the writer. So far, the writer met my expectations for this book review. I am also satisfied for the whole team of supporters from your service.” Nathan, UK Personal statements have always been perceived as necessities for future development of career among students, wherein our personal statement writers can extend their services for your help. Recently, academicians have been observed to have accepted and evolved in using personal statement essays as a reflection of the career objectives and goals decided by the students to guide through their success. 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US Essay Writers - Online Custom Essay Writing Service Please note that apart from the Creative Writing Ink Free to Enter Competition and the Writing Prompt competition, all other listings are for external competitions. If you have a question about these competitions, please contact the competition organisers by clicking the website link in each listing. Unfortunately, we cannot assist with queries on external competitions. Entry Fee: £6 for the first entry, £4 […] The Literary Taxidermy Short Story Competition comes from Regulus Press and is open until June 4, 2018. They provide your opening and closing lines chosen from a classic work of literature. Three winning stories will be selected, for a total prize of […] The Jane Martin Poetry Prize 2018 is open until March 19, 2018. […] The Words with JAM First Page competition 2018 is open until June 15, 2018 (midnight GMT). The winning entries will also be published on the website in July 2018. Open to all UK residents between the ages of 18 and 30. The panel of judges will be led by Adrian Poole and Jeremy Noel-Tod. Many thanks for your competition entries and congratulations to William Lythgoe, our February competition winner! Shortlist: Jack Cooper, Howard Kerr, Fabiyas MV, Paul Breen, John Cooper, Colette Coen, Kevin Doyle, Eamon Mc Manus, R. Pyne , Matthew Jamieson, Charlotte Gray, Lucy Bignall, Frances Sambrook, Ilona Weir, Sorcha King, Ilsa Nite, S. You can read […] The Sustainable Societies Short Story Competition is open until 19 April 2018, 10 pm GMT. They are looking for short stories of up to 3,500 words that in some way touch upon ideas around building a sustainable society. Prizes: 1st Prize: £200, 2nd Prize (by a student): £50, 2nd Prize (all eligible): £50. The best […] The Hastings Literary Festival Competitions are now open. The runner up will receive a selection of books, a trophy and a place on a Hastings Lit Fest 2019 workshop. The short story competition is open until June 30, 2018. […] The Battered Moons Poetry Competition 2018 is open until May 31, 2018. Submit poems on any topic and style of up to 40 lines. Guest judge Jacob Sam La-Rose and Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton will both read all the poems. Prizes: £700, £200, £100, plus four commendations […] The Segora Writing Competition is open until June 15th, 2018. There are short story, poetry, vignette and one-act play categories. The prizes for the short story and poetry categories are: £300, £50, £30. The winner of the vignette and one-act play categories will receive £100. Entry […] Thank you so much for your competition entries and congratulations to Jack Cooper, our January winner. Shortlist: Frances Sambrook, Cameron Clark, Isabel Renjith, Howard Kerr, Fabiyas MV, William Lythgoe, Rebecca Ladbrook, Farhana Khatun, Umaima Junejo, Rachel S., Vanessa Deroo, Emily Barbour. The Wicked Young Writer Awards are open until March 12, 2018. Open to young writers aged between 5 and 25, resident in the UK. They accept stories, poems, and plays in the fiction category. 15-25 year olds can also enter the non-fiction category. The Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize is now open until March 15, 2018. All winners will receive four tickets to see the […] The Writing District competition is an ongoing monthly competition. Free to enter Prize includes and online publication. There’s an award of £3,000 for the best piece of writing of up to 2500 words on the topic of ‘Childhood’. […] The Crowvus Poetry Prize is now open until March 28, 2018. The winner and two runners up will also be invited to attend the Venice symposium. There are two categories, one for children under 16 and one for adults. It’s free to enter for children and for adults, it’s £3 for one poem, £5 for 2. Visit their competition page, choose one of the five pictures on the page and […] The Smoke Long Quarterly Award for Flash Fiction is now open. The winner will receive 00, nomination for The Best Small Fictions series, the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, and other awards, and publication in their 15th-anniversary issue. Entry Fees: for up to 2 stories until April 29. From April 30 to May 20, […] The Stroud Festival Writing Competition is now open until July 31, 2018. Submit poetry (max 40 lines) and flash fiction (max 500 words). Entry fee: £5 for the first and then £3 for each additional entry. Adam Horovitz will judge the poetry entries and Sue Limb the flash […] We are looking for short stories or poetry and the word limit is 3,000 words (for short stories) or 40 lines (for poetry). For full details, please visit our Writing Prompts page. Entries should be in English and we accept submissions from writers around the world of any age. Please feel free to resubmit your work every month. We also run another free to enter competition, which is our writing prompt competition. The Stringybark Open Theme Short Story Award 2018 is open until March 18, 2018. They are offering over 75 in cash and books for the winning authors and publication in an ebook and print anthology. Entry Fees: A.50 for one story, A for 2 stories, A for […] The Mairtín Crawford Awards are open until May 1, 2018 (midnight GMT). Open to writers of any nationality or residence aged 18 and over, who have not yet published full collections. More […] The Mad Like Us Competitions are now open until June 7th, 2018 (1pm). For details on the illustration competition, you can visit their website. The judging panel for The Mairtín Crawford Poetry Award will be headed by poet Moyra Donaldson, whilst novelist and short story writer Jan Carson […] The Eyelands Flash Fiction Contest is open until March 20, 2018. Submit feature essays on the short story form, either recommending a short story, collection or anthology, or profiling the life and writing of […] The New Deal Writing Competition is open until April 2, 2018. They also have poetry and flash fiction competitions. Submit flash fiction (max 500 words) on the theme of “Dreams”. The winning stories will be published on the Henshawpress website. Use a painting chosen by the staff of Livingston Arts as inspiration for your short story. The best short stories and poetry produced during the project will be included in an anthology. The BBC National Short Story Award 2018 is open until March 12, 2018 (9am). Open to authors with a previous record of publication who are UK nationals or residents, aged 18 years or over. Submit poems of up to 30 lines based in some way on emotional distress or mental ill […] The Ms. Submit gothic fiction using the following quotation from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as inspiration, “It might be possible, of course, that far from being one, […] The Never Such Innocence Poetry and Art Competition is open until March 16, 2018. First prize is a week’s holiday in Crete (for 2 people). The Henshaw Competition is open until March 31, 2018. Winners and authors of commended stories will be offered the opportunity of inclusion in their next anthology. The THRESHOLDS International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition is now open until 18 March 2018, pm (GMT). Entry Fee: All entries must be 10,000 words or less. First prize also includes publication in the magazine, Artsphere and on the Livingston […] The Pen to Print: Poetry and Short Story Competition is open until March 29, 2018 (5pm). Shakespeare Project is a regional initiative that curates events showcasing women in the arts. Submit poems or artwork inspired by the events of the First World War. Three prize winners will receive: publication in an anthology, a handmade ceramic gift, a certificate, a copy of the anthology. The winning stories will be produced as audio shorts by voiceover artists. This competition is open to women authors from the Yorkshire region. Submit a 1000 word example of your current writing (can be in the form of prose or a dramatic monologue), and 500 words about you […] The Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2018 is open until March 31, 2018. Judge: Chrissie Gittins The winner will receive €1,000 and their poem will be published in The Caterpillar. The Tell a Tale – Gothic Fiction Writing Project is open until April 21, 2018. The competition is open to children aged 9-16, from around the world. Shortlisted stories […] The Remastered Words Short Story Competition opens on February 1st and closes on the 1st of May, 2018. It’s free to enter and there are cash prizes of up to £200. The Portico Sadie Massey Awards for Young Readers and Writers are now open until March 16, 2018. For the reading competition, submit a review about a book of your choice and ‘tell us why we should read it too! For the writing competition, submit […] The Tamworth Literary Festival Competition is now open until March 31, 2018. Your story should be set in or around a Tamworth, Staffordshire building or address. Judging: Last day of each month (over a six month period). There are three age categories and it’s free to enter for the under 11′s category and 11-16 category. Prizes: £100, […] The Twisted Mysteries Short Story Competition is open until March 30, 2018. The prizes for each month’s submissions are: £100, £50, 2x £25. The winners will have […] The A3 Review monthly contest is open until the 4th Saturday of every month. They accept prose, poems, prose poems, graphic stories, hybrid forms, photography, illustration, painting. The two winning entries each month are published in The A3 Review, to be published every six months. The TXTLit Micro Story Competition is for stories up to 154 characters. The winner will receive £50 and there’s an entry fee of £1, plus the cost of sending a text message. From this shortlist of […] The Clochoderick Press Poetry Competition is now open until January 25th, 2018. Prizes: £500, £200, £100, 4x £50 Entry Fees: £5 per poem, £7.50 for three poems, £10 for 5 poems. The Great Eighty Flash Fiction Competition comes from Third Word Press. The prize is £20 cash and publication on their website. If your piece is chosen for publication in their anthology, you will be invited to join their fundraising initiative: to promote the anthology across your network […] The Striking 13 Writing Contest is a quarterly competition. The 1000 Word Challenge Competition is an ongoing quarterly writing competition. Prizes: Three Amazon voucher prizes, for the top 3 entries (0, , ) and publication on the website. Looking for Expert US or UK essay writer online? Essay Writing Service - Expert Team of Writers. We Write Essays, Term papers, Business papers & Theses

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